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Soft Puppy Dog Pet Bed For All Seasons

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Soft and cozy puppy dog bed made for all seasons. 

Product Features:

High Quality- This Ultra soft and cozy pet bed is made of premium suede and corn corduroy for its interior. It is also stuffed with soft polyester fabric to ensure optimal warmth and comfort for your furry best friend.

Detacheable Cushion- The soft and cozy cushion can be detached from the bed to wash as needed. The cushion also comes with different fabric on each side that can be reversed to your furry friends comfort. 

Stable and Non Slip- The bottom of the bed uses anti-slip dotted fabric to provide stability on slippery surfaces. 

Additional Support is Provided by Soft Side Walls- Overstuffed, raised walls allow your furry friend to nuzzle and rest their heads snugly while also keeping them feeling secure and safe.

WASHABLE - Machine washable. Pet parents can wash the entire bed using the gentle cycle with cold water and tumble dry on low heat.